ACS Changemakers

ACS Changemakers

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Celebrating our thinkers, creators, leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators.

At ACS International Schools, everyone is unique in their achievements, passions and ability to be a Changemaker in an ever-changing world. Here we profile and celebrate some of our exceptional students and alumni and, importantly, the teachers who helped them to achieve their goals. What defines an ACS student is their confidence, their understanding of the world around them, their commitment to make a difference and their readiness to be effective in whatever they do.

ACS Changemakers exemplify what it means to be ready. They are ready to innovate and create. Ready to question and challenge the status quo. Ready to take risks and think independently. Ready for a world that demands a new kind of citizen.

Here we shine a spotlight on some of these individuals in five recognised subject areas: science and maths; social sciences; creative arts; humanities; languages. This showcase will highlight the stories of our students, alumni and teachers, their experiences and crucially how they are, and will continue to be, ACS Changemakers.