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Welcome to Early Childhood

Jane Kullmann - Early Childhood Principal
Our Early Childhood Village is a language-rich and caring environment where active participation and meaningful learning go hand-in-hand with fun and friendship.
Jane Kullmann - Early Childhood Principal
Cobham Early Childhood

We understand and champion the fact that children learn best in an environment that allows them to be children, first.

Our small classes, run by highly-qualified and experienced teachers and assistants, provide a rich combination of daily self-initiated activities, guided lessons, and small and large group interactions.

Our core programme is enriched by strong partnerships with parents, and regular lessons with specialists in Art, World Languages (French or Spanish), Performing Arts, PE, and Forest School.

Programme Details

To encourage play and curiosity in our youngest students, the Early Childhood programme is situated in a secure, dedicated space where the children learn to become independent and build their confidence.

Designed specifically for children aged two to six, the space includes a designated playground, children's garden and outdoor area. Spending time outside everyday is an important part of their development. All classes are taught by a qualified teacher and experienced teaching assistant offering the youngest students a valuable introduction to learning at an early age. 

The classes are grouped into: 

  • Flopsy Bunnies (ages 2-3)
  • Tiggy-Winkles (ages 3-4)
  • Pre-K (ages 4-5)
  • Kindergarten (ages 5-6)


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Early Learning Pond Dipping

In Early Childhood we want our children to have fun, be happy, feel safe, and grow in confidence.

Through the care and guidance of our teachers, we help children develop the ability to be creative, independent thinkers, and problem solvers. We work to instil a sense of resilience and perseverance in every child through fun and stimulating hands-on experiences that celebrate individual abilities and talents.

"The teachers are fabulous and I am so grateful to them for giving him such a positive introduction to the academic world." - Early Childhood Parent

Pastoral Care

From your first day with us, your children will become part of a caring classroom community where every child is a valued member. Each day begins with a Morning Meeting that welcomes every child individually, and brings us all closer together. Each Early Childhood classroom ends the school day with a closing circle where students get to share what they have experienced and learnt during the day.

Our aim here is to ensure teachers and parents work closer together to better progress each child's academic and social development through the sharing of information, concerns, hopes, and plans.