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Welcome to High School

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Welcome to ACS Cobham High School

We are a vibrant international community that offers a holistic education based on best educational practices. As a school we foster international mindedness and promote a life long love for learning. Encouraging all to be the best they can be and inspiring students to be caring contributors - ready for an ever changing world.

The high school offers tailored educational programmes that allow students to follow their interests and their passions. Students can choose from a broad range of IB, AP or High School Diploma courses and students are assigned a personal college counsellor to guide them in their higher education and career pathways.

Students from ACS move on to attend some of the best institutions across the globe. We are a warm and friendly community that values individuals and places as much emphasis on student wellbeing as we do on academics. Extra curricular activities and service learning are an important part of who we are and students are provided with a wide array of opportunities to develop themselves beyond the classroom. 

A World Renowned Curriculum

Our world-renowned curriculum, taught by experienced and dedicated teachers, leads to the renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, Advanced Placement International Diploma, Advanced Placement Capstone Diploma, including a wide selection of Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

All successful graduates earn an ACS High School Diploma (US). We are proud of the fact that our students go on to attend the university of their choice, anywhere in the world.

High School Brochure

At the heart of our educational approach is a commitment to get our students ready for whatever comes next. We achieve this by balancing the extensive opportunities we offer outside of the classroom, with the best academic programmes from around the world, including the renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.

High School Principal
I strongly believe that a High School experience is fruitful when we value and support those three main pillars:

· Be present - be physically and mentally present for all learning experiences.
· Do your best - be ready to do their best all the time. Do not settle for average.
· Get involved - in extracurricular activities and your communities.
Frederic Bordaguibel-Labayle, High School Principal

From results, to University and beyond...

We are very proud, not only of the academic achievements but also of the personal growth and development of our international student community. Whilst we place as much emphasis on student wellbeing as we do on academics, we enjoy seeing our students thrive and fulfil their future aspirations after ACS Cobham. It is with great pleasure that every year we see an excellent set of results that reflect the hard work of all our students and the varied nature of our student body.

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University & Careers

Throughout the school, we take an inclusive approach to education and our curriculum seeks to meet the needs of a diverse variety of learners. As students move up into High School, there is a great deal of choice on offer and students can choose their “best fit” individual pathways to university from the very wide range of courses available. 

Through the International Baccalaureate and the Advanced Placement we meet the college preparatory needs of our entire student body. This enables us to best prepare each graduate to succeed at the university of their choice. We understand our students as individuals, and motivate them accordingly through well-resourced, professional guidance.

Our relationship with top universities around the world allows us to best direct the ambitions of our students.


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ACS Cobham High School



The Cobham Alum will study Neuroscience at Columbia University. 

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Beyond the Classroom

Students are also encouraged to participate in a diverse range of co- and extra-curricular activities including sports, and to chose from a variety of electives and clubs from Model United Nations to Coding. The responsibilities of community service and leadership are a focus with each grade level and play a vital role in offering a complete student experience.