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Welcome from the University and College Counselling office

Welcome to the University and College Counselling office at ACS Cobham. It is our mission to assist students find the right “fit” for their future university studies. “Fit” is defined as meeting the academic, emotional, geographical and financial needs of the student. This attention to detail improves a student’s likelihood of graduating from a chosen college or university, as well as ultimate success in their chosen field of work. 

ACS Cobham has three full-time University and College Counsellors providing a wide range of expert support to ensure a successful transition to university, including:

  • Researching university options
  • Essay/personal statement writing
  • Career path selection
  • Standardised test skills
  • Financial aid/scholarship advise
  • Hosting university representatives during college visits and fairs.
Jude Nel, ACS Cobham High School Student
The University and College Counsellors are nice and welcoming. They make the frightening process of university choice less terrifying.
Jude Nel, High School Student