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We would like to introduce the members of the PSO Board for 2018-2019:

Rawan Mahfoud, Early Childhood Parent Representative 

Rawan is from Lebanon and has been living with her family in Doha for 8 years. She has a sporty daughter in grade 3B who is on the swim & soccer teams, and a joyful daughter in KGA who loves ballet & painting. This is their 6th year at ACS. Rawan has worked in maternal and public health research for 8 years prior to having her children. She is fluent in English, Arabic, and French. She loves singing in choir and enjoys zumba, yoga, skiing, traveling and engaging with people. 


Carla Chemaly, Lower School Parent Representative

Carla is a Lebanese and Armenian National who has lived in Doha for almost 10 years. Her son is in grade 3C, and this is their 6th year at ACS. She loves art, fashion, and music and enjoys traveling and good food. Carla speaks 3 languages: Arabic, French and English. She is managing her own translation company "Standards for Translation" based in Beirut, Lebanon. She is a positive interactive person and likes getting involved in community activities to assist wherever needed.


Saima Jafri, Middle School Representative

Saima is a Canadian expat who has lived in Qatar for more than 11 years. She has been a part of the ACS community since its opening. She has 3 children in grades 8, 5, and 2. She enjoys spending her time reading, doing zumba, yoga and being with family and friends. She is fluent in Urdu and English. She is looking forward to representing Middle School on the PSO board this year. 


Micky Nijboer, High School Representative

Micky is from the Netherlands and has been living with her family in Doha for 1 year, after spending 5 years in Nigeria and 1 year in Bahrain. Her son Casper is the tallest 12th grader at ACS who has planned to study Military Sciences at the Royal Military Academy in the Netherlands. Her daughter Iris is a talented equestrian in G11, who wants to study Equine Business Studies at Hartpury University in the UK. Micky has worked as a professional dressage coach and trainer in Doha, and rebuild a Saddle club riding school and organised several equestrian events in Nigeria. She speaks Dutch, English, and German. She loves horse riding, sailing, travelling, cultures, walking her dogs early in the morning on the beach and drinking coffee.


Group of Lower School students smiling
It's not about drop-off and pick-up, it's about walk in and talk to everyone.
Rawan Mahfoud, Parent