Pastoral care

Pastoral Care

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At ACS, we understand every child needs to feel secure and confident to learn well.

We believe that the social and emotional development of a child and the enhancement of positive self-esteem are as important as academic growth and are essential for a child to reach his or her full potential. From your first day with us, your child will become part of a caring classroom community where everyone is a valued member.

We are creating the ‘next normal’ together, with appropriate caution, but also with the imagination and determination that makes ACS schools such special places to work and learn. During these uncertain times, we are confident and ready to return.

Testimonial Pastoral Care
My passion is to help students feel energized to come to school every day and I hope I can achieve that by creating an environment where collaboration is encouraged and students’ are nurtured.
Brian Magner, Assistant Middle & High School Principal
Middle & High School Pastoral Care Programme

Middle & High School Pastoral Care Programme

We aim to help our students to embody ACS values, foster student agency and to develop future ready 21 century soft skills. We work to support students at ACS Doha to develop creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills in all their subjects.

As an international school with over than 72 nationalities, international mindedness is taken very seriously. We celebrate diversity in our school with the entire community.

One of the most important areas today is mental health and making sure that the students are happy coming to school. 21st century soft skills are key to building resilience and should be at forefront of everything we do.

 Early Childhood & Lower School Pastoral Care programme

Early Childhood & Lower School Pastoral Care programme

A full-time EC counsellor works closely with parents and the class teachers to identify social, emotional and behavioral challenges, as well as strategies to best support the needs of our young learners. The counsellor also supports the Learning Support Teacher in setting up provision for children with challenges in academics. Support is provided in stand-alone sessions and through conversations and reflections.

The counsellor’s role is to teach social skills to children so that they can communicate in an appropriate and respectful manner, as well as build positive relationships with friends, peers, teachers and people they generally interact within their local environment. A large emphasis is placed on reinforcing positive behavior in school so that they can learn and be respectful of others, as well as transfer these skills to life outside of the school environment.

The counsellor also assists families in identifying and finding the correct external support networks. By working in partnership with parents and teachers, we come together to support our young learners academic and social development. By sharing observations, information, concerns, goals and strategies we can together make plans to establish how barriers can be overcome and move forward to develop each child holistically.

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The structure of the Pastoral Care Programme

We are a team of excellent Counsellors in the Middle School and High School and trained grade team leaders who are in charge of pastoral issues and student wellbeing in their grade level. The programme also extends beyond our team and goes into each and every subject. We encourage an element of pastoral care to take place in every single class. Pastoral Care is incorporated into all subjects through the IB learner profile attribute and also through our approach to learning. We also have afterschool activities like the United Nations (UN) where the students are encouraged to take part and develop these skills.


Why we are doing Pastoral Care in the school?

It’s to balance out demands we put on the students when it comes to academic performance. We have very high academic standards both in the MYP and DP, and we recognize the importance of supporting our students so they feel able to face academic challenges.


Our door is always open

We operate an open-door policy for parents. They can contact us through our regular Parents Association Meeting or schedule an appointment to speak to teachers or the leadership team easily.



ACS recognises that safeguarding and child protection are every community member’s responsibility and we take this matter very seriously in all our schools.

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