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Art Curriculum

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The Arts

Fresh approaches and imaginative interaction are the foundations of our programme. Our goal is to liberate every student’s creative energy through music, art, performance and design & technology in order to amplify their talents. 

Through the arts we actively stimulate innovative thinking and problem-solving skills that enrich personal growth. We also give students a foundation in creative expression that will allow them to take full advantage of new learning opportunities and showcase their ability. 

We invite you to experience a range of arts that can unlock a host of hidden gifts. Come and meet our specialist staff and join us for the many special events that are held each year. Whether it is through drawing, painting, singing, playing an instrument or writing an original drama, we energise children to express who they are and what they love most. 


Visual Arts

The Visual Arts provides students with an opportunity to express themselves in a variety of methods. Our program encompasses the visual arts from the early years through grade 12. As part of the International Baccalaureate PYP, MYP, and DP learning, Visual Arts explores global and intercultural concepts through a range of part skills and techniques. The Visual Arts help to develop skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, growth mindset and self-confidence. 

Our Visual Arts department strives to create an enriched program that provides the opportunity for students to experience hands-on investigations, extracurricular activities and special events. These include exhibitions, field trips, museum visits, workshops and visiting artists. It is important to our program that all students have the inspiration to share their creativity with the community.