Early Childhood curriculum

Early Childhood Curriculum

Early Childhood | Ages 3 - 6
Early Childhood Programme

About the Programme

The Early Childhood programme focuses on purposeful play, active learning, creativity, and critical thinking. We encourage children to actively explore the world, developing individual and shared inquiries. Our goal is to create a dynamic and joyful community of young learners who have the strong educational foundations they need in order to continue their journey through the PYP.

As educators, we lead by example and endeavour to serve as role models to our students. We strive to build a community of happy and confident children who love to learn.

Early Childhood

We take a genuine interest in each child

We believe in establishing positive adult-student relationships and in differentiating instruction to meet each individual's needs. These are key to developing children’s confidence, nurturing their strengths and supporting them to reach their potential.

I really admire that the school’s main focus is the students.
- Parent

Early Childhood

The Early Childhood programme covers Grades Pre-K3 to K (ages 3 to 6).

Part of the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), which is taught across 109 countries, the Early Childhood programme provides a planned curriculum with a focus on purposeful play, active learning, creativity, and critical thinking.

We support students of diverse needs and abilities, and encourage our learners to actively explore their environment. Our goal is to create a community of passionate young people who have been provided with a strong educational foundation that can support them as they embark on lifetime learning journeys.