Sport Curriculum ACS Doha students competing in swimming pool

Sport Curriculum

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Christopher Quinn, Athletic Director ACS Doha
At ACS Doha, our PE programme is a holistic one. Our students acquire new sports skills, improve fitness levels, learn about exercise physiology and dietary requirements. And to improve the students’ performance, you need to work on giving them passion and motivation and that is what the sports programme is about. Our students get engaged in teams after school and in athletic programmes and they form a deep love of the sport they choose.
Christopher Quinn, Athletic Director

Sports at ACS Doha

We work to ensure your child has a healthy, happy and active school life. Here, they can grow, play and learn in modern, purpose-built facilities. We hope that what students take from us will serve them both in and out of school today, and hopefully for the rest of their lives.

ACS Doha sports facilities include an indoor swimming pool, a large modern sports hall, outdoor basketball court, and multipurpose external recreational area. All of this, in addition to several partnership agreements which allows us to enjoy the fantastic facilities at the closely located Qatar Foundation and beyond. We adopt a structured approach and believe in exposure across a wide array of activities in the earlier years that focuses on fun, enjoyment and technical mastery. As students grow and develop, they are then offered more tailored opportunities for personilisation and specialisation. 

PE ACS Doha students in school kit

Physical Education Programme

We offer a variety of school teams and after-school sport activities such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, swimming, cross-country and badminton.

Within the curriculum, the Physical Education Programme contributes to the overall education of students by helping them to lead full and valuable lives through participation in purposeful physical activity. The programme enables students to develop physical competence and promotes physical development. Students learn the value of participating in physical activity whilst at school and in their wider lives.

We strive to instill in students key values of persistence, commitment, tolerance, respect and optimism, we do this in the hope that it will contribute to engaged and fulfilled lives away from sport and physical activity.

Clubs & Activities
We work together and help each other become better sportsmen.