Egham parent hugging their child after they received certificate

Parents at ACS Egham

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The ACS Egham Parent School Organisation would like to extend a warm welcome to all prospective families.
ACS Egham PSO Chair

The ACS Egham International School Parent School Organisation (PSO)

The PSO is a team of dedicated parents who strive to build relationships between the school, students and parents through a variety of social, charitable and informational events. The PSO is a vibrant part of school life and we welcome all parents who would like to volunteer their time and enthusiasm to keep our community fun and thriving.

What we do:

Community - bringing us together

  • Welcoming our new families via support and social contacts to help with their transition to the school and the area via events like Welcome Coffees, the Welcome Back BBQ and the teaming up of a Buddy Family on arrival.
  • Social events that bring the whole community together through family events such as, Boo’t to Boo’t (Halloween) and the annual Summer Garden Party, as well as Parent Nights out throughout the year.
  • Promoting a multicultural community to foster connection among our community via the annual International Fair which brings together an array of cultures, cuisines and traditions of our community.
  • Supporting charitable endeavors which are important to our families and students.

Communications - understanding what’s going on at ACS Egham

  • Promoting and advertising all the PSO events and important school community information via the PSO Facebook page, grade parents and the school intranet.
  • PSO General Meeting to encourage feedback from the school community.
  • Parent liaisons: Each division of school has a group of parents that meet with the Principals once a month. These meetings cover any concerns that parents may feel need to be addressed, but more importantly allow both Principals and parents a forum to come together for updates.
  • Providing education forums on topics important to ACS families and their children.

Revenue - funding key PSO activities

  • Sale of school spirit wear.
  • Running the school snack shop.
Two Egham parents taking a photo with their daughter on graduation day

Be involved in the school community

All parents of children enrolled at ACS Egham International School as well as all faculty and staff members are considered members of the PSO and are encouraged to get involved in our school community.