ACS Egham Lower School student talking to teacher

Pastoral Care

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Student Pastoral support at ACS Egham comprises of support, advice and help to develop the well-being of our students

The central aim of the pastoral team is to create a safe, healthy school and learning environment, to strengthen the mental health, academics and situations of life of the students and to prevent marginalisation and to promote well-being in general. Pastoral support work is carried out both on an individual and a group level, and co-operation with the students’ parents is integral.

The student pastoral team is led the Upper School Guidance Counsellors, Debbie Stanton and Tanya Coffey and supported by the High and Middle school principals and Assistant Principals. The team members are, IB-coordinator, MYP Coordinator, Academic Dean, learning support and EAL teachers and the school nurse/healthcare officer. Also, students and parents, as well as outside experts, are invited as necessary. The student pastoral team deals with the general student welfare as necessary.

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ACS recognises that safeguarding and child protection are every community member’s responsibility and we take this matter very seriously in all our schools.

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