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Egham Projects Testimonial
Project Nepal is about uniting communities from around the world, learning from each other and working together to make a tangible, visible and real difference.
ACS Egham Student

Legacy Scholarship Programme 

We are honoured to support students from rural Panchkal in their university studies in Nepal. Our programme began in 2017 with three scholars, and we are now proud to have sponsored 15 scholars, two of whom have now completed their Bachelor's degrees. Their programmes of study include human rights law; teaching; information technology; accounting; medicine and hospitality. Our most recent graduate has decided to pursue an MBA and we are happy to be able to provide a scholarship for her future studies. Our financial support covers the costs of tuition, school stationery, accommodation and exams. The average costs of a Bachelor's degree for one scholar is £1,400. Donations of any denomination are greatly appreciated, and if you are interested in supporting our project, please contact Lauren Kelley


Year 7


Although we are unable to plan a trip to Nepal at this time, we continue to financially support the building of classrooms and a toilet block at Shree Bhuwaneshwari, a government school in Panchkal, Kathmandu Valley, where we have worked since 2018. Additionally, we continue to support our Legacy Scholars, and have set the target to fund scholarships for an additional six students, bringing our total to 21 scholars. Furthermore, we foster links between ACS Egham and Panchkal through our CAS work. 

Year 6 


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we were unable to travel to Nepal in 2020. However, we are happy to report that all of our Nepali guides at NARBA Treks, the staff and students and Shree Bhuwaneshwari School and our Legacy Programme Scholars are safe and well and will return to school and work once things are up and running again. 

Year 5 


In 2019, we had planned to have the amazing opportunity to build a school from scratch in the village of Panchkal that we have grown to know and love. However, due to a last-minute flight cancellation, we were unable to travel to Nepal. Instead, 20 students and four ACS Egham staff members traveled to Mkushi, Zambia, to support the Itala Foundation School. While there, we spent our days building brick chalets to offer accommodation to vulnerable people throughout the community. Our team spent hours playing with the local children; learning about Zambian culture through discussions with students and teachers as well as cultural visits; pumped all of the water we used from the local well and assisted with food purchasing and preparation. While we missed our dear Nepali friends, we were grateful that we were able to support the lovely people of Mkushi. We were also happy to continue to financially support our planned building works and our Legacy Scholars in Nepal in spite of our absence. 

In June 2019, four Project Nepal leaders traveled to Nepal to assess the building progress and while there we interviewed and selected nine new scholars for our Legacy Programme.

In Year 3, 27 students returned to Jana Bhawana in April 2017 to build new structures in order to support increased enrolment at the school.  

Next time, 32 students will travel to Jana Bhawana to continue to develop the infrastructure by completing classrooms and installing a safety gate.

With education comes the responsibility and ability to make things better.

Through practical and committed outreach work our extended school community rallies to help those caught by tragedy or living in hardship. 

Project Nepal aims to support Nepalese school communities while simultaneously providing students with social action and emotional development opportunities - and the chance to make a sustainable difference. 

We come together with heart and immediacy to be that unexpected agent of change.
Four Shree Jana Bhawana Primary School students smiling at the camera

Years 2, 3 and 4: Shree Jana Bhawana Primary School

In March 2016, after seven months of fundraising and preparation, 31 ACS Egham high school students traveled to Panchkal, Nepal to support a rural primary school serving 75 students up to age 10. Our team:

  • secured earthquake-related foundation issues 

  • designed and installed a community football pitch

  • installed playground equipment

  • developed an after school club

  • taught lessons in English 

  • supplied school stationery and Physical Education equipment 

  • painted 5 classrooms

  • ACS Egham Lower School students collected 1000 primary books, which were then used in the new library that the students designed, built and equipped

  • Partnered with HANDS International which will support the nutritional needs of the entire community 

  • Rotary of London, Ontario made a $1,500 CDN donation which was used to implement a water system; before which access to running water is extremely limited.  

In addition to project work, students completed a 60km hike through the Kathmandu Valley and visited cultural sites in and around the capital.


Year 1: Shree Mahendra Primary School

In spring 2015, 38 students aged 15-17 traveled to Nepal to work together to make a sustainable difference in the community of a non-fee paying primary school in the Kathmandu Valley. While there, students:

  • completed the construction of 3 previously unusable classrooms 

  • installed, sanded and painted a privacy gate

  • supplied the school library with over 600 books 

  • supplied staff with laptop computers and school stationery 

  • painted 7 classrooms with educational murals 

  • taught lessons in English 

  • donated Physical Education equipment 

Above all, our students and teachers developed relationships with the Nepalese school community--without question each of us were forever changed. 




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