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High School Curriculum

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Success in the renowned International Diploma Programme, Career-related, and the US High School Diploma Programme has ensured our graduates leave us to attend the university of their choice anywhere in the world.

Their academic education is enriched by cultural diversity, small class sizes, outstanding facilities, and a campus that is naturally beautiful, open and green. Our students – actively involved in the local and global community, service work, and field trips – develop team and leadership skills that serve them well, both in and outside of school.

Our students think globally, and as young leaders possess a concern and responsibility towards the future of our planet. We believe every student will be able to achieve more than they believe they can.

High school students Egham
The IB has certainly given me more control over what I consider critical thinking skills. I am now able to search and apply evidence to my works academically, but also criticise my own work and learn from my experiences. It has pushed me out of my boundaries and now I am able to speak my mind and debate with efficiency.
Japheth Monzon, High School Student

Academic achievement through expert university guidance

We invest the time and expertise to ensure every student finds the right fit for their future university studies. Fit is defined as meeting the academic, emotional, social, geographical and financial needs of the student. This attention to detail improves a student’s likelihood of graduating from a chosen university, as well as attaining satisfaction and success in their chosen field of work.

We have two full-time University Counsellors who ensure our students experience a successful transition out of school, while providing a wide range of expert support along the way:

  • Researching university options
  • Essay/personal statement writing
  • Career path selection
  • Standardised test skills
  • Financial aid/scholarship advice
  • Hosting university representatives during college visits and fairs.