Head Hawk Alexander tells us about the ACS Hillingdon Student Council

Alexander Head Hawk

Alexander Bergman, Grade 12 student from ACS Hillingdon is one of our Head Hawks of the student council having attended the school for 8 years, 

What is it that inspired you to join the student council?

I wanted to be a voice for those students who are quieter. In our school, like others, there are so many strong voices and sometimes it may be hard for some voices to be heard. My favourite aspect is seeing everybody passionate about wanting to make a change and that we are all voices together. 

What would you like to do after you have finished school, how do you think being a part of the student council has helped this? 

I hope to go into Fine Arts at University; this Head Hawks position has already given me the skills to be a member of a community, know how to organise events and manage a busy schedule with responsibilities. It's also taught me how to reach senior people and those who are in charge, such as the Principal and members of staff.

Why do you think involvement in school activities is important?

Involvement in school activities is important, they're a way to let the students have a voice, and due to their involvement, it brings a feeling of community to the school.