ACS heroes: Former ACS Hillingdon Assistant Principal Chris Green volunteers for NHS



Responding to the recent request for NHS volunteers, Chris registered with the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) as an NHS volunteer responder. Chris has become critical in providing a number of very important services to help the elderly and vulnerable during these difficult times. Some of these roles have included transferring patients from hospital to their home on a daily basis, initiating telephone contact with the elderly who are in isolation and assisting with their shopping, running errands or just offering a friendly chat.

Chris receives alerts via an app and notifications are sent when his status is set to ‘on duty’. He recounts a recent situation. “I received an alert to telephone a person who was in isolation and living alone. Sadly, they had only recently lost their spouse and had no immediate family in the UK. We talked about the loss, the weather, grief, the weather again, funeral costs, meals, the news and on many occasions, we just sit in silence. They ask me if that is okay not to talk, because they just need me to be on the other end of the phone.

“Volunteering as this time is hugely humbling. At a time when we are all spending so much time at home with family and loved ones, enjoying the additional time we have to pause, slow down, reflect, and appreciate our relationships and time more, we are able to look beyond our front doors in a way we have not had to before.

“If it were not for the RVS opportunity, April 2020 would for me have been a little more insular. Now I am able to reach out and support my neighbours, and in doing so, contribute to the combined efforts of many thousands who are doing a little to support the services of the NHS and our community of carers.

“I will always remember ACS as a school that encouraged giving back through participation in service learning and supporting the wider community – it was one of the values that attracted me to the school originally. It seems ACS altruism is still alive and kicking!”

Former Assistant Principal and IBDP Coordinator, Chris Green (2016/2018)