Two students paint a mural in art class

Visual Arts

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Hillingdon Art Gallery
We ran out of hanging space, so they gave us our own gallery.
The Arts Hillingdon

The Arts

As the arts are a crucial part of school life, we make sure our students are exposed to the widest range of participation opportunities. Our department not only develops artistic expression and diversity, it builds a portfolio of skills that directly enriches the way our students engage with the world around them, through:

  • Greater concentration
  • Increased confidence in their writing, oral and aural skills
  • More productive group working skills, including a greater respect for their peers
  • An increase in self-discipline, dexterity, co-ordination, self-esteem and personal confidence.

We know the arts are important. We know creativity can ennoble and inspire the very heart of a learning community. Just take a look.