Distance Learning Week 2

Distance Learning Week 2

Here are just a few of the comments from parents so far:

“It is impressive how our school prepared students and teachers for remote learning in such a short time period, while keeping their morale high”

“A massive thank you for all the hard work you have put into planning the continuous learning, setting up on-line support, and preparing the students for home learning” 

“It is a very stressful time and I applaud you all for putting that aside and being a constant support for parents and students”

“The work load was great; I didn’t feel overwhelmed or that anything was too hard or confusing for the kids” 

“Absolutely outstanding effort from ACS Teaching & Support staff (plus everyone behind the scenes). Keep up the fantastic work, we all need to be fluid and grateful for what everyone is trying to pull together in an ever changing landscape” 

“Thank you for an excellent day at virtual School. It worked perfectly well for our family and both kids enjoyed it. Thank you to you and the faculty for all you do to keep our kids connected and eager to learn despite the obstacles we are facing” 

“Loving how you have organised the distance learning - especially the morning home room video!” 

“I commend all of the staff for pulling this off! I have many jealous friends and relatives who have been left to their own devices and I think ACS has done a phenomenal job supporting students and parents”