Partnerships at ACS International Schools

Orbis Internships

We believe that carefully observing and reporting on the important medical and social work undertaken by ORBIS in undeveloped countries will encourage students to engage in crucial world health issues.

Since its inception in 1982, ORBIS has been dedicated to saving sight and eliminating avoidable blindness. ORBIS responds to the needs of developing nations (where 90% of blind people live), with hands-on training for eye care professionals, public education on blindness, and technical assistance to improve access to quality ophthalmic services.

ORBIS’s primary training facility is a DC-10 plane that has been converted into a fully equipped flying-eye hospital. Our sponsored interns provide on-line, first-hand reports on the people and countries visited and assisted by ORBIS, and in turn are inspired and empowered to act where action is needed.

The ACS Foundation is pleased to sponsor highly motivated student journalists for internships with ORBIS, the internationally renowned, non-profit, humanitarian flying-eye hospital.