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The world needs new thinking. Get ready.

At ACS, we’re committed to inspiring and nurturing the next generation of global thinkers and doers.

This has always been our mission and we’ve seen it through not only by providing an exceptional education, but by equipping our young people with the knowledge and skills they need to understand the world they live in, in readiness to rise to its challenges.

We’re ambitious for the future. And we know we will only achieve the very best for our students and their families if we all come together as one mutually supportive community, an approach we are delighted to see is already gaining traction.

Since becoming a charity in 2018, parents, former parents, alumni and staff have already raised over £300,000 to support and enhance our mission. In addition, we have invested more than £1 million in financially assisted places across our three UK schools, giving 40 students the unique benefits of an ACS education. But the potential is there to do so much more.

Looking forward, the opportunity we have as a community to transform the experience of ACS students is extraordinary. And to focus our efforts, we have selected three priority areas for 2020 and beyond.


ACS - Investing in Our Community

Three Ways You Can Play a Transformative Role:


1) Funding Future Minds

We will continue to fund our 40 students with financially assisted places so they can complete education with us. But we also need to widen our remit and do more to help families in need.

For many years, ACS has supported families who are experiencing hardship due to a temporary or sudden change of circumstances. But with the impact of COVID-19, we are seeing a considerable rise in the number of parents facing drastic financial difficulties due to events such as sickness, death, or the loss of employment or housing.

While we have doubled our own funding, the increase in need is so significant that supporting these families must now become a whole-community effort. So, in 2020/21, the priority for our Funding Future Minds campaign will be helping families who are facing hardship.

Find out more about our Hardship Appeal



You can support fellow ACS families in your school right now by contributing to our Hardship Appeal. This will enable us to fund discretionary awards to those in the greatest need on a case-by-case basis. Typically, these awards will contribute towards one semester of fee costs only, giving hard-pressed parents essential breathing space as they transition to new arrangements, while also ensuring minimal disruption to student’s progress.


2) Creating inspirational spaces

Our buildings and campus environments play an important role in shaping the experience and aspirations of our students – and we want them to be inspired.

Across our schools, we are committed to providing stimulating teaching spaces, both in terms of the architecture and the facilities that are housed inside. This includes state-of the-art laboratories, thought-provoking libraries and the space and technology to collaborate in new and exciting ways.

We will continue to serve our students and teaching staff through a smart combination of redeveloping, reconfiguring, redefining, and creating new teaching spaces that enrich the learning experience. Find out more about our current projects. 



To ensure that we continually offer the very best teaching and learning, it is not enough simply to employ the most brilliant teachers; we must also invest in their professional and personal development.

We will commit more resources to further training of our faculty, with an emphasis on specialist areas including STEM subjects, sports, and the Arts. Again, we look forward to telling you more about our plans in due course.

Inspiring the next generation…

With our community behind us, we will continue to inspire our students with the curiosity to ask questions, the courage to take risks, and the compassion to care for all. And we will empower them to become truly global citizens, able to take on whatever life throws at them. With an ACS education, all this and more is possible.


…with your help