A virtuous circle

A family gathered in their home smiling

Hermes Gazzola appreciates the value of a bursary first-hand. Growing up in Brazil, receiving financial assistance at school set the future entrepreneur on a trajectory for success. Now, with a daughter, Isabella, attending ACS Hillingdon since 2017, the story has come full circle with Mr Gazzola giving the generous gift of an ACS education to a Hillingdon student.

The decision to choose ACS for Isabella’s education was very much a family one. Inspired by Hillingdon’s “exceptional” academic quality and structure, Hermes immediately knew they made the right choice for their daughter.         

“We have a close relationship with teachers and the staff, it seems to us that they know Isabella deeply, and they are able to both supporting and challenging her,” explains Hermes. “The values that are promoted by the school are very close to those ones that the family have and we are sure that this environment will get her ready for her future academic and professional choices.”

The combination of Isabella’s ACS experience and the opportunities Hermes enjoyed as a bursary recipient himself, inspired him to transform another young life with this generous gift.

“Receiving a bursary was such a relevant part of my life,” says Hermes. “The opportunity of being educated in a healthy environment which challenged me, in addition to the values that my family instilled in me, built the solid structure which was the base for my future achievements and work ethics.”

At his family’s heart is the power of philanthropy. His family has supported schools in Brazil for many years, where they have witnessed the life-changing impact a financially-assisted place can bring.

“As a family we understand that promoting education is a legacy for future generations. Once you give an opportunity for a child who has great academic potential, but does not have social and economic structure, you make all difference for that individual, for its family and community around. 

“Having the opportunity for an excellent education means a lot for each individual, but it is also something that contributes to our society as a whole.”