Child in waterproofs outside in Forest School

Wellbeing, Health & Safety

ACS International Schools holds the wellbeing, health and safety of our students as a priority.

The wellbeing, health and safety of our school community is a theme that runs through all elements of the ACS Expected School-wide Learning Results, and is one of the key components of the ACS Education Strategy which identifies high levels of health & well-being essential in a student’s education. The strategy sets out our commitment to, and improvement of, the wellbeing of all those in the ACS school community.

We aspire for all ACS students and staff to work and play in safe learning environments that promote their health and wellbeing.

Important update: UK campus closures

ACS International Schools’ three UK campuses (Cobham, Egham and Hillingdon) have been closed since 19 March, but our educational programmes continue through distance learning.

As always, the health and wellbeing of our entire school community remains our top priority, particularly at this time of unprecedented global crisis, and we stand in solidarity with all the many families around the world whose lives have been touched by this devastating virus. We continue to follow the latest Government advice.

Our schools continue to be in regular contact with parents via school communications and Powerschool Learning to ensure that our students’ studies are not disrupted during this period.

As our campuses are closed to students and visiting families until further notice. We are not currently holding open days or personal tours, but our Admissions teams continue to operate fully remotely and would be delighted to hear from families interested in future applications. Please contact our Cobham, Egham or Hillingdon Admissions team, who would be happy to arrange a virtual tour.

External visitors that need to visit the campus for essential operational/business reasons must contact ACS and follow the latest Government advice.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our school community for their support. We appreciate that this is a challenging period for everybody but we have great confidence in the creativity, commitment and professionalism of everyone who is part of the ACS family.

Wellbeing - a whole school approach

Complementing the Education Strategy, the ACS Health & Wellbeing Strategy identifies a whole-school approach to wellbeing, an approach that goes beyond the learning and teaching in the classroom to pervade all aspects of the life of our schools, including:

  • culture, ethos and environment: the health and wellbeing of students and staff is promoted through the ‘hidden’ or ‘informal’ curriculum, including leadership practice, the school’s values and attitudes, together with the social and physical environment
  • learning and teaching: using the curriculum to develop student knowledge, attitudes and skills about health and wellbeing
  • partnerships with families and the community: proactive engagement with families, outside agencies, and the wider community to promote consistent support for children and young people’s health and wellbeing.
We believe that a great education needs to be balanced. That is why we celebrate academic achievement alongside social, physical and emotional wellbeing.


ACS wishes to create an environment in our schools where all feel safe, secure and can thrive.

The ACS Board of Directors is responsible for the effective health and safety management and have demonstrated their commitment to health and safety through their undertaking to introduce the international standard for health and safety management (ISO45001) throughout all areas of ACS.

The ACS Health and Safety Manager is part of the Education Strategy Team and provides advice, support and guidance for all staff, students and visitors.

Each school has a Health and Safety Committee that meets on a monthly basis to discuss all health and safety issues pertinent to the organisation as a whole, and specifically to the school.

The school should be commended for its focus on health, safety and security for its entire community. One student said that her favourite thing about school was "how safe I feel here".
NEASC Learning Principles visit. ACS Egham, Sept. 2017