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New UK Staff - FAQs

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How do I open a bank account?

We will send you a form to complete and return. We will then liaise with NatWest Bank and open an account on your behalf.

What are my immediate expenses?

In addition to the £800 needed for the entry clearance application (if applicable), we strongly recommend that you put funds aside as soon as you receive an offer of employment to pay for your flights, shipment etc, as your relocation expenses will only be reimbursed after you arrive in the UK.

How do I find a place to live?

An expert ACS Housing Officer at each campus will help you find accommodation. Their extensive knowledge of local estate agents and the rental market is a huge advantage in achieving success in such a competitive marketplace. We can even start the ball rolling before you arrive, emailing you possible properties to view online.

The websites below will also assist you in finding a property in the UK:
www.rightmove.co.uk | www.zoopla.co.uk

Please note: This service is limited to home search only, and as a tenant you will be responsible for the lease and the on-going relationship with your landlord/managing agent.


How expensive is rent, and what does it include?

In the areas immediately surrounding our UK schools, a one-bedroom apartment currently costs between £900 to £1,200 per calendar month (pcm). A cheaper option is to share, and a two-bedroom apartment is running between £1,000 to £1,700 pcm. In some cases teachers are paying much less by sharing an entire house.

Standard accommodation will include a cooker, kitchen fittings and sanitary-ware in the bathrooms. Carpets and/or flooring, drapes and light fixtures are also supplied. Your rent will not include utilities such as gas, electricity, water, telephone and Council Tax.

Please note: Most apartments are unfurnished, although there are a limited amount that are furnished.


What is Council Tax?

This is a local community charge covering public services such as refuse collection and policing. The tax is rated according to the size and value of the property. You can expect to pay between £1,200 to £1,900 per year. This is paid by a Direct Debit, which you organise through your bank over 10 monthly payments every year. If you are living alone there is a reduction of 25%.

Rent – what will I need to pay “upfront”?

You will normally be asked to pay one month’s rent in advance, plus an additional six-weeks’ rent as a security deposit – payable 10 days prior to taking up residence, or when you sign the lease. The agent will also charge a fee for drafting the lease agreement and making a credit check. Costs for this vary from agent to agent. We try to avoid the charges for credit checks by having our HR department draft a letter explaining your salary and contract terms with ACS.

It is helpful to bring your current bank account statements for the last six months to show to the rental agent should they be required.

The security deposit is returnable after vacating the premises; deductions are charged for damages in the normal way. This will
be assessed by means of an inventory at both check-in and check-out. You may be asked to pay for one of the inventories.


How do I calculate my monthly pay?

This website will help you: www.thesalarycalculator.co.uk

Can I use my driving licence in the UK?

This depends on where you passed your driving test. For further information please contact the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) at www.dvla.gov.uk