10 Reasons to Say Yes

Jeremy Lewis, Head of School, ACS Egham
The focus that is placed here on community and the individual student sets us apart from many other schools. The fact that we recruit teachers to fit this perspective on education endorses what we are trying to do.
Jeremy Lewis, Head of School, ACS Egham

Here are 10 reasons why you should say yes to ACS

  1. Respected global reputation
  2. Strong vision, values and ethos
  3. World-renowned programmes include the IBPYP, MYP and Diploma, Advanced Placement courses and the AP Capstone and International Diplomas
  4. Professional training and personal development programmes
  5. Dynamic international and multi-cultural community
  6. Outstanding facilities – both in and out of the classroom
  7. IT is integrated into the heart of our curriculum
  8. Campuses close to central London and central Doha
  9. Collaborative approach to teaching and learning
  10. Friendly, caring and supportive environment